Mini Kids Taekwon-Do


This is our Taekwon-Do Class designed for Kids between the ages of 4-8. The class is developed specifically for children which will not only teach them the skills required to complete our grading syllabus but will also help to develop their concentration, co-ordination, fitness and self-discipline.

Kids/Adults Taekwon-Do Class

Our Kids/Adults Taekwon-Do Class is for ages 8+, in this class students will progress through the belt ranks within ITF Taekwon-Do as well as a broad spectrum of disciplines such as: Patterns, Sparring, Power Breaking, Self Defence and Flying. Members of TMT also have the option to compete in tournaments run throughout the year and Regional, National and International level.

TMT Squad Training

The TMT Squad Training is a High Performance training led by Mr Trotter. The Squad trainings are focused around tournaments and those who are looking to compete at a High Level such as Nationals, World Cup and World Championships.

There are two TMT Squad classes, Junior and Senior. Please contact us to see which class is best suited to you or your child.



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